Centre Yourself - 5-13-2020 Last Quarter/Balsamic Grid

From the last quarter to the New Moon is a time of stillness, introspection, and deep releasing. The card for this cycle, Centre from the Sacred Earth Oracle, invites us to embrace the part of our cycle deeply and fully.

All things are effected by gravity: the need to connect, to come into alignment, to be held in the field of existence and to find our place within that field. Centre reminds us that there is a difference between self-centering and selfishness. One holds us steady, and gives us a strong foundation from which to speak and act; the other is fueled by fear and unmet needs. When we center ourselves and turn our compassion inward we are not being selfish – we are meeting our own needs and softening the space so we can release fear, shame, doubt, guilt, anger, and resentment.

When we are centered we are more able to live our truth, to speak from a place of compassion without giving away our energy, to be patient, flexible, open minded, and to achieve our goals. Centering does not compress our spirit, it brings us into the infinite space within us that allows us to expand. It brings us to our seat of power, connects us to our divine energy of manifestation, and allows us to begin to dance along with the universe instead of watching from the sidelines.

Our grid for this cycle leading up to the New Moon on the 21st/22nd supports this process of coming into our place deep within ourselves and finding that connected space from which we will be empowered to manifest in amazing ways. The stones for this grid offer their energies to help us to feel safe and grounded, to release what no longer serves our greatest good, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. They support our ability to heal old wounds, to expand within that infinite inner space, and to connect to the radiant light that is our own soul. They offer to help us to let go of habits of suffering, old wounds, and anything that holds us back from accessing our true glorious self and help to shield us from anything that would attempt to block or pathway to finding our center.

These stones include: Clear quartz, selenite, amazonite, apophyllite, epidote, apache tears, citrine, carnelian, tiger iron, garnet, lapis lazuli, turquoise, rhodonite, peridot (olivine), sunstone, and iolite (cordierite.)

Breathe deeply, you are safe Breathe again, and follow your breath Return again and again to this ever expanding inner space And realize that which is within you is infinite

© 2020 by Sundri McGregor | The Phoenix Tree

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