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Healing | Naturally

Our goal as a practitioners is to not only help you feel better now, but to help you stay that way. We believe that each individual has their own unique path towards healing, whether you are seeking physical or emotional health. We work one-on-one with clients to establish a plan towards well being with simple effective steps you feel you can actually take. To find out more about how these practices can benefit you and your specific needs feel free to message us via email or on Facebook or contact us by phone for a free Consultation.

Our sessions are simple, gentle, and non-invasive. During this current health crisis (Covid-19) we are offering all of our services via distance sessions. This is a process utilizing Reiki to connect with your energy and offer the same relaxation and wellness support that you would receive during an in-person session. Just like with a regular Reiki session you may experience warmth, tingling, and an overall sense of ease as the practitioner works to support a state of relaxation, with the aim of improving your overall wellness.
Reiki works by helping to bring us back into balance, and when we are in balance we feel better, regardless of the circumstances.

Our goal is for you to finish your session feeling refreshed and supported and  better able to face whatever challenges you are confronted with. The choice to have further treatments or not is always entirely up to you.

What is a "distance session?"

When we are unable to meet in person to offer support, we utilize a Reiki technique known as 'distance healing' to connect with the energy of a person.  During any of our distance sessions we ask that clients set aside time as though they were coming in-person, and to create a quiet place for themselves in which to be still and relax during the duration of the session. We will perform your session while connected via phone or video chat and may offer a guided meditation during the course of your session to aid in relaxation. Each session is given our full attention and involves the same level of care that we put into our in-person sessions. After your session is finished we will be available to discuss your experiences.

How does this work with my Energy Tuning or soul-support session?

During an energy tuning session with Sundri, we utilize tuning forks, crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, and other specially tuned sound tools to aid in supporting relaxation and shifting energy blockages. During a distance energy tuning we will utilize the same Reiki technique to 'tune in' to your energy field and apply the sound tools as usual. For these sessions we require you to be able to rest comfortably in a quiet room, and to have your phone or voice chat on speaker so that the sounds created can still flow around you audibly. (A surround sound system is optimal, but not required.) For soul-support sessions involving readings, video chat is required as we share and discuss the cards, symbolism, and meanings and it is important for you to be able to see these as they are presented. We use the program/app Zoom and/or Facebook messenger video calling for all video chats. Zoom is free for you to download and use, and we are available to walk you through installation and use if necessary.

The current health crisis is very real, and we understand these rapidly changing circumstances can be scary. Fear during social isolation and crisis is a common experience, and our aim is to continue to provide you with the same quality of care and support as always.