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Reiki is a supportive spiritual practice at the foundation of our services. Sundri has been practicing Reiki for more than 17 years and offers this gentle and effortless relaxation technique in 30 & 60 minute sessions. Reiki helps to bring us back into balance, and when we are in balance we feel better, regardless of the circumstances.

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Science Meets Spiritual


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." ~ Nicola Tesla

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies." - Albert Einstein

Using a variety of specially tuned sound tools, such as tuning forks, crystal bowls, chimes, drums, and gongs, these relaxing sound sessions with Sundri are a wonderful way to relieve tension and encourage the body's natural rhythms to flow in harmony. Breaking up blockages, helping you to relax, and relieving stress are just a few of the benefits to be found in sound sessions.

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Custom Wellness Support


These 90 minute wellness support sessions with Sundri offer you access to her wide range of skills and experience. The sessions are tailored to your unique needs, and involve working together to create a wellness plan for you. Soul-support sessions may include: Reiki, energy tuning/sound work, crystal work, smudging/smoke cleansing, energetic cord cutting, Japanese Sei Heki, intuitive readings, and meditation and spiritual coaching.

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